London 2022

Klapa Kaše will have their first performance in Canada, at the Grand Theatre in London ON, on Thursday April 21. 2022, at 7pm. The Auburn stage will be the place for their performance and we are eager to experience for the first time Dalmatian klapa songs in the so called “black box” theatre, where distractions are minimal and where the audience can solely focus on the performance. This experience could well be similar to the birthplace of klapa songs, somewhere in the dimly lit narrow streets or passages in the old Dalmatian towns.
The tickets can be purchased online or at the box office of the theatre, please see the link below. At this time there are still COVID Protocols in place at the theatre (click here for info), however this can change in the coming weeks. Please check either the theatre’s website, or on this page for eventual updates. For any additional info, contact us by email at or call 519-966-1586.

Buy tickets at: or call the Box Office at (519) 672-8800