Festival 48

After two years of Canadian Croatian folklore festivals being performed virtually due to Covid restrictions, we finally went back to the in-person format. The Festival 48 was a success and we hope that it continues like this for a long time to come. The traditions of Croatians in Canada in showcasing their national cultural heritage […]

A retrospective on the Tour / Retrospektiva turneje

The tour with Klapa Kaše from Dubrovnik was our biggest project so far and we’ve completed it successfully! It was challenging to hold four concerts, in four different cities in a week, and to travel almost 3000 km by car during the tour, however, it was all worthwhile. We got to know Klapa Kaše really […]

Windsor 2022

Our 7th annual klapa concert in Windsor will have many new elements and we are very excited about it. We will see the performances of our featured guests klapa Kaše from Dubrovnik, Croatia (www.klapakase.hr), our youth female klapa Fritule, the host klapa Kartolina and for the first time, students of the Music Academy St. Cecile, […]

London 2022

Klapa Kaše will have their first performance in Canada, at the Grand Theatre in London ON, on Thursday April 21. 2022, at 7pm. The Auburn stage will be the place for their performance and we are eager to experience for the first time Dalmatian klapa songs in the so called “black box” theatre, where distractions […]

Klapa Tour 2022 / Klapska Turneja 2022

It gives us great pleasure to announce the Canadian Tour of a renowned Dalmatian klapa ensemble – Klapa Kaše from Dubrovnik in Croatia. Through the organization of Klapa Kartolina, they will perform in the following cities in Ontario; London (21.4.22), Windsor (22.4.22), Brampton (23.4.22) and Hamilton (24.4.22). Klapa Kaše (www.klapakase.hr) was founded in 2007 and […]

Klapa Kartolina, Fritule & Berekin 2022 Calendar

This year we’re keeping our tradition alive and are publishing our unique calendar again, that promotes klapa singing and Croatian culture and heritage. The twelve page, top-quality calendar is available to order for $25 (shipping is extra). The calendar contains photos of Klapa Kartolina, Fritule & Berekin with lyrics from twelve klapa songs and other […]

Music is Forever / Glazba je zauvijek

Klapa Kartolina and Fritule are delighted to announce a long-awaited return to performing live, at our 6th Annual Concert, at the Art Gallery of Windsor, on Saturday December 11. 2021, at 7pm. Our guest performers at this event will be vocal ensemble Darbazi. Founded in 1995, Darbazi is a Toronto-based ensemble devoted to the performance […]